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Florida Cave Cavort 2015

February 27-March 1, 2015

Cavort Entertainment

River City Grotto


Here is some FUN STUFF we have lined up!

MOVIES!! AFTER SUNSET on Friday, really bad Caving Movies! On a 160" Screen!
Sanctum, The Cave, maybe a slide show, too!

David's Real Pit BBQ of Gainesville will be catering the 2015 Florida Cave Cavort.
They will be serving Pork and Chicken along with two sides, and tea or lemonade.
Dinner tickets must be prepaid along with your registration so get signed up today!
There will be very limited meal tickets available at the event.

David's: BBQ your only choice for BBQ in Gainesville.
The Band

This is NOT beta! We are a go!

The Firewater Tent Revival

See more of the band.
The Fire! This year we will endeavor to burn lots of wood! With the usual safety rules...
Photo Salon All attendees of the 2015 Florida Cave Cavort are invited to submit their 8.5" x 11 " photographs for the Cavort photography competition. Photographs may only be of Florida caves, springs, or karst features (please no large landscapes), but we prefer photos taken within caves or springs. Judging will before the Saturday evening bon fire.
Here are "The Rules".
The T-shirt

This year's design, straight and to the point!
Cavort T-Shirt
(sort of) Free stuff!
This year we have THREE RAFFLES going on
    Door Prize Raffle: Each registration gets a RED ticket, you can buy more for $1 each. Prizes this year include
  • One of Six Obi Original Hobo Bags
  • One of Three pair PMI gloves
  • Some autographed caving book
  • 100’ Highline Rope
  • An RCG Grotto T-Shirt
  • A "Firewater Tent Revival" Band T-Shirt
  • Some as-yet-unnamed Inner Mountain Outfitters donations
  • Remember to check out, thank, and patronize our Cavort Sponsors
    50/50 Raffle
  • Not-RED and Not-BLUE Tickets are $1 each
  • 50% of the Kitty goes to THE WINNER
  • 50% of the Kitty goes to THE GROTTO (beer and gear ain't cheap)
    Bat Conservation Raffle
  • This raffle is run by an outside entity, Not RCG
  • BLUE Tickets are perhaps $1 each (see the outside entity)
  • This will be benefitting various bat conservation organizations
  • Prizes include plush bats, bat keychain, and some nice lights