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Florida Cave Cavort 2015

February 27-March 1, 2015

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River City Grotto

Jerry's Farm is the land belonging to Jerry and Family, long time cavers and members of the The Florida Speleological Society.
It is a working farm, with many exotic and not-so-exotic animals, so respect the critters and give them room.
There will be SHOWERS! After a hard day's caving, there is nothing like a nice hot shower. We have constructed some nice facilities, with sinks and stuff! Check them out!
Do be thrifty, though, since you have to share the facilities with a lot of other cavers!
There will be PORTOLETS! We know, everyone hates portolets, but these are Caver portolets!
AAA Porta Serve is tackling this dooty, and they are owned by cavers!!
There will be CAMPING!
    Tents, RVs, visqueen on the ground... bring it! There are some, uh, provisos, rules, and a couple of quid pro quo.
  • while Campers/RVs are allowed, there are no hook ups available, nor dump stations.
  • There is some common water spigots to fill up at, but best to BYOW.
  • No personal campfires, as this is a working farm.
  • There is a designated "Quiet Area" camp, so please respect others' right to sleep.
There will be CAVING! There is even a cave ONSITE!
"Jerry's Cave" is a small climb down cave with some passage, your penetration depending on water levels.
There are bats, so be conscious of that.
Check out our projected Cave List for where the trips are going.
There will be CAVORTING! As usual, we are here to cave and have fun and Party Hardy. BUT..., let's keep it (relatively) clean, honest, and respectful.
Discretion is the better part of valor: don't make Johnny Law pay a visit!
And as usual, there will be some rules...
    Things to Know Before You Go
  • Pets are not allowed: There are too many animals onsite already
  • No carbide bombs
  • Additional Bands and DJs are not permitted, we got that covered
  • No carbide bombs
  • Discrete Alcohol is permitted
  • No carbide bombs
  • Check-in is at Noon Friday and check-out is at 1 p.m. Sunday
  • No carbide bombs
  • Off-road vehicles are not permitted
  • No carbide bombs
  • No fireworks, carbide bombs, or campfires are allowed
  • No carbide bombs
Getting There:
  • GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
  • Jerry's Farm is located about 7 miles northwest of Williston, Florida.
  • See our Location Page to get there