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Florida Cave Cavort 2015

February 27-March 1, 2015

Cavort Sponsors

River City Grotto


These folks, corporations, and other ethereal entities helped make this possible.
Please make an effort to thank and patronize them!
The Other Grottos and Cavers
    And more Thanks to these individuals for donating some stuff
  • David Obi, RCG
  • Tony Flaris, RCG
  • Phil Walker, FSS/RCG
  • David Studdard, RCG
Inner Mountain Outfitters donated some killer caving gear for the raffle
Toma's Trim & Cut Tree Service For the donated Bonfire wood!! Need a tree removed in Williston area? Call Toma's!!
19951 NE 50th St, Williston, FL 32696 - Phone: (352) 528-1098
For awesome catering! David's Real Pit BBQ of Gainesville will be catering the 2015 Florida Cave Cavort.
They will be serving Pork and Chicken BBQ and soft drinks.

David's: BBQ your only choice for BBQ in Gainesville.
We know, everyone hates portolets, but these are Caver portolets!
AAA Porta Serve is tackling this dooty, and they are owned by cavers!!
Graybar Jacksonville donated some electrical supplies to help out

The Firewater Tent Revival

See more of the band.
World Electric of Jacksonville donated some additional electrical supplies to help out